Fresh ~ Tuesday

Summer fashion tips/ideas for men. This one for the fellas who are looking to try something different. So here we go:

1. Preppy. The look is a classic but it is coming back in a big way. Either in all white and other cream neutrals OR in bright, bold patterns, the prep look has invaded our space and is here to stay (this does not mean, however, that popping your collar is acceptable.)
2. Canvas totes. Think military chic. Check the stitching and leather to make sure it is a quality buy – it will be sure to last you a long time.
3. Blue suits. Aqua,navy, it doesn’t matter. This summer – blue is the new black in suits, it punches up the color and brings life to an otherwise boring routine.
4. Colourful soles.
5. “Athletic” style jeans. Specially designed and cut to give more room in the rump and thighs, these jeans are flattering to men who are muscular and totally not into skinny jeans.
6. Relaxed blazers are a new wave in the structured jacket section. Instead of fitting extremely tailored, these blazers are meant to look slack and relaxed and well…cool.
7. Montblanc has come out with a new fragrance that is subtle but still guaranteed to make your lover weak in the knees. Enough with the asthma inducing “axe” already – it is time to grow up!
8. Fun bathing suits are not just for the ladies anymore. Think more of a European cut and have fun with it! (no more baggy “Capri” board shorts)
9. Green slacks and chinos are a great way to spice up your wardrobe while still having a classic cut – very stylish with a plain black or white v-neck!
10. Layering colours is probably the most difficult and fun thing to try this summer – you don’t want it to be too much, but at the same time…explore!
11. Canvas Belts. For those of you gentlemen who aren’t into flashing the bling – canvas belts are a great way to keep your pants up, look stylish and keep it simple.

Fresh ~ Tuesday

You probably love the feel of your summer tees, but sometimes they just look so blah, right? Well,it doesn’t have to be that way. T-shirts with real style are out there, if you know where to look. So here some t-shirts styles you should consider :

A Big, Bold Graphic
T-shirts call for simple graphics, not intricate ones. This is your chance to get all Rothko. Note the shorter sleeves and how the tee hits just barely below the waist. That’s how a good tee fits.

The Surfer Tee
Even if you’re a landlocked midwesterner, it’s your birthright as an American to channel vibey West Coast surfer energy via a T-shirt.

Old-School Stripes
Most striped tees have a distinct East Coast nautical vibe

The ’70s Ringer Tee
A perfectly simple design that will never die. Big color and just the right amount of Dazed and Confused.

The Suit-Jacket Tee
A sport coat or suit works best with a designer tee

The Perfect V-Neck
A good V hits well below your Adam’s apple and well above that strapping chest of yours.

Fresh ~ Tuesday

 Getting ready for the summer is one of my favorite times of the year, meaning less clothes especially if you worked out just for this time of year. There so many different styles to rock during summer but there are ALSO SOME HELL NAW they not wearing that. Sad but often it happens from both sexes. So if you looking for new trends or wanna do something for the summer here a list of places’ to go check out: H & M, Sean John, Macy’s, B.B.I, D&G, Ecko, and Ace Smooth Creative Designs. Like I said this one of my favorite times of the year. So go check these places out and get your summer gear..To checkout the Ace Smooth Creative Designs clothes visit and

Ace Smooth Creative Designs: Model Search


ASCDClothing is looking for female models in So Cal ages 18-30 with little or NO model experience, No professionals. So if you ever though about modeling here your chance. Must be at least 5’5. Please send one head shot and one full body with contact info to and tell us little about yourself.If interested please checkout the Facebook page and the store @

Mayweather Vs Cotto

Well looks like we wont see “Pac-Man” get beat down owell.This should be a great fight Mayweather going up in weight for this fight, so there no reason to hate.( Unless you not a fan).This fight will take play May 5TH at MGM Grand Las Vegas. Also in honor of this fight Ace Smooth Creative Designs will be releasing a shirt two weeks before this fight. Lets go Mayweather we the fans wanna see that mega fight. Lets not drag this on like Dr. Dre Detox album!

ASCD Update

Now through 3/4/12 All Smooth Woman V-necks will be on sale..Use Promo code : “Smooth” at check out for $10.00 off. You can visit the online store at So don’t miss out they are going fast. New designs are on their way in March and if you wanna see whats coming out next, be sure to check out So tell a friend and come check out all the hype.

Ace Smooth Creative Design : Update 2.0

The Ace Smooth clothing line will be Officially released in January 2012. This line will be available for both Men and Women. This first collection is entitle IDENTITY. Its been a long and on going process and I know a lot of you have been waiting and its finally here! Thank you to everybody the has been rocking the ‘Property Of‘ and if you miss out on them,I will be releasing them.