Happy Birthday J Dilla: Rest In Power

Happy birthday Dilla dog.You change the game a lot and made “ME” appreciate the hip hop game.It too bad your time was short here on this earth, but you touch a lot of people including myself and the Swayheavy Camp. R.I.P (Rest In Power)

Aquatic Son – JayDillaJayDeeJamesYancey



Sway Heavy

Sway Heavy camp is on the rise! If you love hip hop and have a passion for music this is the camp that is on the rise.  Musicians in Sway Heavy include Producer/Emcee Aquatic Son and  Producer/Emcee LeMons, which make the group MidWest Konnect. MidWest Konnect release the debut  LP: The Trailer earlier this year..Not only does Sway Heavy put out good music, they also do Audio Production, Engineering, & Mastering, Photography, Graphic Design and Video Production too.So go check out Sway Heavy on Facebook/swayheavy and the group MidWest Konnect on Facebook/MidwestKonnect.

Here the links to listen:




I.E. New Movement – 9092951.COM

9092951.com is new site dedicated to the Inland Empire which is also known as the I.E. They cover  news, documentation, and archiving of the Hip Hop in the Inland Empire. 9092951 also supports all small businesses in the I.E from Barber Shops, Car Washes, Art Galleries, Fashion Designers  and more! They are dedicated to making the I.E. the new place for success, so people can feel like they don’t have to go to LA to be heard. So check out and support 9092951.com

Keep It P-G at the Libertine in Hollywood,CA

Up coming Hip Hop artist Prada G will be preforming live January 5th. So come out to join us for a night of real hip hop music at it’s best! Prada-G will take the stage at 10:30pm doors open at 8pm! 18 and up can enter before 10pm and 21 and up after. (once your in your in so they wont kick you out) tickets are $15 at the door or hit up Prada-G (Anthony Greene (Tony G)) on Facebook to get them for $10.

8210 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046