Artist Spotlight ~ Thursday

This week artist spotlight is Ramone Jones from LLE out of the I.E. Some you know him as Seis One. This dude has been in the hip hop for 8yrs+ and is still going hard..So if you never heard of this man well here you go. Ramone Jones y’all I.E is the building! Also check out his website for more of his music



Artist Spotlight ~ Thursday

This is a new artist on rise and his name is Saiah Eric Choice Morrison. I been knowing this kid for a very long time and he is very talented. He play the keybored and has a awesome voice. He’s also been on the road with Justin Bieber. This young man is good so be on the look out for him. Here’s a double play from Saiah Eric Choice Morrison:

Artist Spotlight ~ Thursday

You never what good music is out until you open up and try listening to new sounds. Real talk! So here the question do you BelieveInZ? Oh you haven’t heard of them? Well you in luck, this is Nas background band.Yes Nas the Hip Hop legend. This group is bringing new sounds to Hip Hop, R&B and Neo Soul. Check out these tracks by IBelieveInZ. Lead singer Eddie Cole aka C.O.L.E



Flash Back ~ Wednesday

These nothing like the old school, espically when it comes to hip hop. Remember breaking dancing on the street corners and walking down the street with boombox’s blasting music and everybody starting dancing? Yep the 80’s was biz. Some of the best rap battles took place back in the day also. So im going to hit you with a person that I look up too this day and get my workout ethics from, Mr LL Cool J

Fresh ~ Tuesday

 We are currently in the process of working on mixtape.We will also be release a shirt to go with the mixtape. This mixtape will also be available for FREE DOWNLOAD! We will keep you guys updated with details as the weeks go by. Make sure you follow us on  and checkout our online store and follow us on