Flash Back ~ Wednesday

Hip Hop is where it is now because of these guys RUN DMC! They are hip hops icons and legend. If wasnt for them who knows where Hip Hop would be today. So here today’s flash back RUM DMC ( RIP JMJ) you will be missed.


Fresh ~ Tuesday

You probably love the feel of your summer tees, but sometimes they just look so blah, right? Well,it doesn’t have to be that way. T-shirts with real style are out there, if you know where to look. So here some t-shirts styles you should consider :

A Big, Bold Graphic
T-shirts call for simple graphics, not intricate ones. This is your chance to get all Rothko. Note the shorter sleeves and how the tee hits just barely below the waist. That’s how a good tee fits.

The Surfer Tee
Even if you’re a landlocked midwesterner, it’s your birthright as an American to channel vibey West Coast surfer energy via a T-shirt.

Old-School Stripes
Most striped tees have a distinct East Coast nautical vibe

The ’70s Ringer Tee
A perfectly simple design that will never die. Big color and just the right amount of Dazed and Confused.

The Suit-Jacket Tee
A sport coat or suit works best with a designer tee

The Perfect V-Neck
A good V hits well below your Adam’s apple and well above that strapping chest of yours.

On Point ~ Monday

Every body wants a six-pack to show off, especially during the summer. We all want it especially us males because it make us look more attractive to women. So im give you guys seven steps to get your six-pack and look great for the summer.

Train with 2 Types of Exercise
Some abs exercises are based on movement. Others focus more on balance, so your abs contract harder to keep your body stable. “Most men have difficulty with either stabilization or mobilization,” says Carter Hays, C.S.C.S., a Houston-based personal trainer and a performance-enhancement specialist for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Include both types of moves in a workout to challenge your abs.

For instance, try performing a Swiss-ball rollout (mobilization), followed by a Swiss-ball crunch (stabilization). To do the rollout, kneel in front of the ball with your forearms pressed against it. Keeping your knees and feet in place, roll the ball in front of you so your hips, torso, and arms slide forward. Advance as far as you can without arching your back, then pull back to the starting position.

Get More from Your Cardio
Strip away abdominal fat by switching around your cardio routine so you run hard early. In a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, eight men ran for 30 minutes on 2 separate days.

In the first session, the men ran at a relatively high intensity—80 percent of their maximum heart rate—for 15 minutes, then slowed to 60 percent for the final 15 minutes. In the other session, they ran the slower part first.

The men burned 5 to 10 percent more fat when they ran faster at the start of the workout. “And this is only a 30-minute workout,” says Jie Kang, Ph.D., the study’s lead author. “If you extrapolate that to a longer workout three to five times a week, things can add up.”

Here’s why it works: To burn fat, your body first breaks down fat tissue into fat molecules. “Our study found that this works better when your abs exercise is done at a relatively high intensity,” says Kang. Next, molecules go to your cells to be burned, which Kang says can occur at relatively lower intensities.

The best part: You’ll feel as if you’re burning fat easier than ever. Kang measured the participants’ perceived exertion—how hard they felt they were working. Turns out the body feels fatigued late in a workout, regardless of what you do.

Stay Hydrated
This one’s almost too easy, but drinking plenty of water not only helps you burn fat, but also builds more muscle. “All creatine does is force fluid into the muscle,” says Hays. “Your body will do that itself if there’s enough water available.”

Skip the Bonus Abs Routine
Edging closer to sharp abs can tempt you to work them every day. Don’t. Training more can actually make your abs show less. “You don’t need to overwork your abs—they’re no different from any other muscle,” says Hays. “If you’re always in a state of overtraining, you’re going to get more laxity in your muscles.”

In other words, they’ll appear soft. Instead, add resistance to make moves you already do more challenging. For instance, hold a light weight plate during a Russian twist or Swiss-ball crunch. Then give your muscles time to rest.

Do More Total-Body Exercise
Isolation moves like crunches are great for developing your muscles, but they don’t burn much fat. You’re better off training multiple muscle groups at once, says Hays. Total-body exercise burns more calories and also causes a greater release of muscle-building hormones.

Try combination moves, like the reverse lunge to cable chest fly. Stand between a cable station’s weight stacks and grab a pulley handle with each hand. Hold your arms straight in front of you. Then step back with one leg, bend your knees, and let your arms move out to the sides. Pause when your back knee is just off the floor and your upper body looks like a T, then push yourself back up while you pull your arms together. Repeat the move with your other leg in the back position.

Get Off the Floor
Define the lower portion of the rectus abdominis (your six-pack muscle) with a Swiss-ball reverse crunch, but instead of doing the move on the floor, hop on a bench. “It allows for a greater range of motion,” says Gregory Joujon-Roche, C.P.T., president of Holistic Fitness, in Los Angeles.

Lie faceup on the edge of a bench with a Swiss ball pinched between your heels and hamstrings. Keeping your abs drawn in, roll your pelvis off the bench and, maintaining the same knee angle, bring your knees toward your chest. Slowly lower the ball. As soon as your back begins to arch on the way down, that’s the end of your range of motion. Pause at this point for a few seconds before finishing your set. Try five sets of 15 to 20 repetitions.

Go Deep
Abdominal muscles are multilayered, but most men focus only on the outermost layer with exercises like the crunch. So look for moves that work the abdominal muscles closest to the spine, such as the plank. Strengthening these tiny stabilizers will provide a solid foundation to allow your six-pack muscles to grow stronger and bigger.


Smooth ~ Friday

This week smooth Friday place to chill at is in Downtown LA called Elevate Lounge..You can visit their website at www.takamisushi.com. I havent had a chance to check it out personally but i will in the coming weeks. So relax, it’s the end of a long work. Go out and have some fun. Also let me know how it is. Be safe and keep it 100.  

Artist Spotlight ~ Thursday

You never what good music is out until you open up and try listening to new sounds. Real talk! So here the question do you BelieveInZ? Oh you haven’t heard of them? Well you in luck, this is Nas background band.Yes Nas the Hip Hop legend. This group is bringing new sounds to Hip Hop, R&B and Neo Soul. Check out these tracks by IBelieveInZ. Lead singer Eddie Cole aka C.O.L.E



Flash Back ~ Wednesday

These nothing like the old school, espically when it comes to hip hop. Remember breaking dancing on the street corners and walking down the street with boombox’s blasting music and everybody starting dancing? Yep the 80’s was biz. Some of the best rap battles took place back in the day also. So im going to hit you with a person that I look up too this day and get my workout ethics from, Mr LL Cool J

Fresh ~ Tuesday

 We are currently in the process of working on mixtape.We will also be release a shirt to go with the mixtape. This mixtape will also be available for FREE DOWNLOAD! We will keep you guys updated with details as the weeks go by. Make sure you follow us on Facebook.com/AceSmoothCreativeDesigns  and checkout our online store acesmooth.bigcartel.com and follow us on twitter.com/ASCDClothing