Artist Spotlight ~ Thursday

This week artist spotlight is Ramone Jones from LLE out of the I.E. Some you know him as Seis One. This dude has been in the hip hop for 8yrs+ and is still going hard..So if you never heard of this man well here you go. Ramone Jones y’all I.E is the building! Also check out his website for more of his music



I.E. New Movement – 9092951.COM is new site dedicated to the Inland Empire which is also known as the I.E. They cover  news, documentation, and archiving of the Hip Hop in the Inland Empire. 9092951 also supports all small businesses in the I.E from Barber Shops, Car Washes, Art Galleries, Fashion Designers  and more! They are dedicated to making the I.E. the new place for success, so people can feel like they don’t have to go to LA to be heard. So check out and support